”I want to go to Japan, learn Japanese and study 3D graphics and find a job there. If possible I want to start my own business as well.”

Is what I said to my student guidance counselor when I was 15 years old and talking about which high school I was going to enroll in. Big dreams for a teenager. Despite what seemed like rather unreasonable dreams to achieve I was never told that it was impossible or that I should try to limit my self. Now twelve years later I’ve manage to accomplish all those things. Albeit not in that exact order. 

After high school I followed what seemed to be the easiest of my goals to accomplish. I enrolled in a 3D graphics course at a technical college. Thanks to that school I was able to acquire some good contacts with companies that was connected with the school. Seeing the opportunity I decided to set up a small business and start working as a freelance 3D artist. 

Fast forward three years and I was running a successful multimedia studio when the world was hit with the full force of the financial crisis. Seeing my clientele dwindle I decided that now was the time to pursue another of my dreams. I enrolled in a one year Japanese course at Stockholm university. By the end of that course I had already been accepted to a language school in Tokyo and off I went. 

One and a half year later I passed the exam for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2 (JLPTN2) the second highest level issued by the ministry of education in Japan. Feeling satisfied with that accomplishment I decided to look for work. Before long I was hired by a small Japanese game company for a six months contract. Finishing that I decided to go back to Sweden.

Following your dreams is not easy. Unless you time it well you won't succeed. Recognizing the opportunity when it presents it self is half the battle.