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Product Visualization and Animation
Whether it is a small table, a state of the art combat vehicle or just an education video, 3D visualization and animations is the perfect tool to show off new design and ideas. I can provide high quality 3D models and animations that showcases your company’s products and services.

Concept art and Game graphics
Working for a japanese game company as a graphic artist gave me a lot of insight in not just the graphical part of game making but also the development side. Time is money and getting your game out there as quickly as possible without thumbing down on the quality sometimes require a helping hand. I can work with all the major software packages and formats to provide your game company with the graphics and concept art you need the get things done on time.

Project management and multimedia production.
Tackling multimedia productions can be difficult. With a network spanning from New York to Tokyo I can help you get into contact with the skill you need in the region of the world you need it in. Have a big idea but difficulties finding the people you need to get it done? I can recruit a team that fits your needs and even lead the production. Anything from webdesign to visual effects no job is too big or too smal.